Having your pavers sealed is extremely important, especially if you have a pool. It is likely that your pool is the centerpiece of your yard, and that means keeping the surrounding area nice and pristine as well. When it comes to sealing your pool deck pavers, it is a must to do. Ensuring that your pavers are properly sealed means that your pavers are protected from water damage. Pavers are made of porous material, and will absorb and keep in water if they are not sealed properly. Especially when it comes to pools and chemically treated water, it is more likely for those chemicals to damage your unsealed paver and cause issues over time. In order to protect your property from experiencing water damage to your pavers, make sure they are professionally sealed with Paver Rescue!
When it comes to the process of sealing your pool deck pavers, there are certain steps we need to take to ensure that the job is done right. First, we need to make sure that the area surrounding your pool is nice and clean. This means that the area should be free of any furniture or debris that may be present. Here at Paver Rescue in Tampa, Florida, we care about the appearance and state of your pavers, so we conduct a thorough inspection of your pool deck paver to make sure everything is in place, clean, and ready to be sealed.
After confirming the cleanliness of your pavers, we then move onto the job of selecting the best paver sealant for your pool deck. When it comes to choosing the look of your paver sealant, we provide you with two options to choose from: whether you would like a wet look for your paver, or if you’d like a non-wet look for your paver. This stylistic choice is completely up to you based on what you’re going for the overall look of your property.
For those who favor having a wet look for their pool deck pavers, we recommend going with an option that does not have a high gloss. Paver sealants with high gloss are not recommended for pool decks, as the surface of your paver will be more slick. Combined with water from your pool, the surface will be slippery, and that poses a danger to anybody walking around your pool. If you enjoy the wet look, you’re still able to achieve that with a product that has lower amounts of gloss, if any at all. For wet look pool deck pavers, we steer towards our favorite Super Wet Look paver sealant from Seal ‘n Lock. This provides the perfect finish for your pool deck with a limited amount of gloss, so you can get the look you’re going for without the danger.
For those who prefer having a non-wet look for your pavers, we recommend going with a product that has more of a natural finish. If you like how your pavers look without any shine added, most sealants will be able to get the job done without altering the finished look of your paver too much, allowing for your property to be protected, and for the condition to stay pristine over time.
After you’ve decided on what look you want for your paver and the sealant that you prefer, we apply the sealant in thin, even layers with multiple coats to ensure full protection and coverage. It’s extremely important to protect your pavers with a sealant in order for all of the work that has gone into your paver to be preserved and last for years to come. Pavers are a huge investment to the look and functionality of your home, and are an investment when it comes to home improvement. Sealing your pool deck pavers means that it is protected from any stains, mold, weeds, and many other issues that would affect not only the look, but the overall functionality of your paver. Especially when dealing with sealing pool deck pavers, applying a sealant on top means that water cannot get into the pavers itself and cause any structural damage.